Day Twenty-Six: Affectionate Ada

Cuddle Bug…finding ways to connect figuratively & literally

Almost every school day Ada cuddles with her friend, Aubree’s mom, Christy Harvey-Warner😉 Ada meets her at the door and melts literally to the ground as Christy lovingly supports Ada. I love how Ada truly senses kindness with some sort of fairy radar;)

When Ada feels comfortable and wants to spend these close moments I share with the person that these actions seem to be part of her love language and that you really need to use your muscles to ensure safety cause girlfriend will literally throw herself on you. Ada’s music therapist calls this “cuddle talk”, her speech therapist calls it “hug therapy” it’s like a slow motion wrestle and before you know it, Ada’s got you pinned!

#PMSF #PMSFAus #PMSFUK #mamabear #DisabilityRights

#PhelanLucky #OneIn5Million #WorldofMae #ThisIsUs #ThisIsPMS #PhelanMcDermidSyndrome #fairystrong #RideTheWave #KapowGrashow #protectors #LeanOnMe #cuddles #loveLanguage #hugTherapy

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