DAY Thirty: Out & About and Not So Much 

When Ada was little we went to plays, museums, restaurants…we were out and about a lot and loved it. As Ada’s needs change this aspect of our lives has also changed quite a bit. Logistical and sensory issues really make most outings quite tricky and sometimes just simply not enjoyable. So we try to create an oasis for Ada here at home and school to ensure that her comfortable spaces are challenging and full of richness. As we find ways to balance her sisters outings we again rely on our support staff to make scheduling possible. And relying on friends visiting and entering into Ada’s world in a gentle way unifies us as well.
Willa will start a new school next year so today was her transition visit…it was fantastic as was our fun outing afterwards. As Willa & Oona age and grow their worlds will get bigger in ways that Ada’s will not. But that’s why we will continue to cherish the depthful grounding, sense of calm and appreciation for genuine connection she creates. And we will facilitate each definition of happiness and fulfillment and respect the beauty in each.

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