Day Twenty-Four

Today we got to spend time with my Grandma Beardsley, Jennifer Blatz & Pap (Bill Beardsley).  
As soon as Grandma walked into our house Ada ran over, tapped her and vocalized the sweetest fairy greeting.  I also love when my Ada and my Grandma share such beautiful moments like this, as my grandmother has modeled to me how to fiercely fight for the needs of people of ALL abilities.

I apologize for the clutter this photo exposes!  Let’s be real, being a family living with severe disabilities AND a baby…it gets messy!

IMG_8341That was a big deal because with Ada’s slower processing when we have company Ada tends to retreat into a quieter space away from the group, usually in her and Willa’s bedrooms. We proactively make sure that we take turns having close Ada time and it helps when our guests are understanding and also feel comfortable going into Ada’s more comfortable spaces and meeting her where she is. Otherwise she would get left out…which is not an option. 
Jen & Ada shared sweet moments together today as Ada is experimenting with new poses and positioning that display great bilateral functioning, core strength…AND peaceful fairy sass;)


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