Day Fifteen

#giggles #lightbright Ada’s bright shineyness is currently in full effect!
I’ve mentioned Ada’s regression which took all functioning away from our fairygirl at 4.5…including her extreamly cheerful disposition. Regressions are common with PMS as are seizures. Ada had her first seizure this fall after much speculation over if she had ever experienced one or even hundreds before. Hypotonia (low muscle tone) causes poor neck control, similar to the fragility of an infants neck. Well this floppiness looks exactly like what’s called a “drop head” seizure. So PMS parents in this among so many other ways need to be constantly monitoring and vigilant detectives!
As Ada’s body heals from these rocky waves that truly pummel her, so does her spirit. Just like when the clouds part after dark days, Ada’s spunky sweetness shines so blindingly bright…illuminating everything around. For instance she giggles every PT session lately and yesterday Ada and Wills shared a wrestling/cuddle sesh in which she cracked up the entire time! We cherish these days and moments as we have only so much control of when or how often her rays MAE shine.
#PhelanLucky #OneIn5Million #WorldofMae #ThisIsUs

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