Day Twelve

In the parking lot at the doctor’s office…
Today Oona and Wills had to take a trip to the doc. The PMS version of this is making sure someone can hang with Ada because PMS many times causes compromised immune systems. And because of Ada’s low muscle tone combined with no safety awareness combined with intellectual disabilities a trip to the doc is very physical; making sure she doesn’t flop on the floor or touch anything/everything.
So this is one of the many ways in which home health aides improve our daily life and are so logistically necessary! IMG_8274
My shirt is good old Smokey the Bear…just like Ada, Smokey roars but is vulnerable without a voice. Check out how u can help speak for Smokey and his home among the trees at
They have a fun gift shop with very reasonable prices and great clearance options;))
#ispeakforthetrees #resist
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