DAY Seven: International Women’s Day

I feel like the photos above should be made into a flip book!

So lucky to be surrounded by these three little women! My very own Golden Girls. Ada is island. Wilhelmina is protector. Oona is one, universal.

I’ve always gotten a little old lady vibe from Ada. Even from her earliest days she seemed to have a wise calmness about her…not pressured by the rush of life and just so peaceful with a seasoned sense of humor.  A great example of this from today…as Ada, Oona, and I were about to cross the street after school, it took Ada at least three minutes to step down from the curb to the street. As cars waited patiently with warm smiles on drivers faces I held her sweet hand as she tapped with her toes and “felt out” her next step. She taught me early on not to rush these moments and we navigated together playfully and with joy AND pride for the cognitive, physical and autonomous ways she achieves, succeeds, and teaches!
I wonder what Ada will be like when she is chronologically an old lady.

Its especially fun to envision these three together and what they will be up to throughout their adventures in this life.
So very mindful today and always of the universal bonds we share and in awe of courageous women who empower themselves and others everyday in countless ways.

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