Day Eleven

Sundays we go to Grandma Howe and Grandma Eileen’s house…one of our safe havens;). Grandma Eileen and cousin Hailey happened to be wearing WOM shirts…always a fun treat to see Ada’s fairy out & about!
Just like the parallel lines of the number 11, PMS fams live parallel lives in many ways despite being so far apart and within different cultures, different countries, different continents. Our children #unite us and are incredible examples of the universal truths within this life. Phelan McDermid Syndrome doesn’t discriminate…we are Australian, we are British, we are American, we are Syrian, we are French, we are Mexican. Our angel babies teach how to cut through cultural, religious and language barriers. We raise awareness, we research, we FB message one another, we share tears, our most vulnerable heart dreams, poop stories, medical information, and most of all a sense that despite the lonely fact that our children are literally 1 in 5 million…we are NEVER alone! We empower each other and make the very best of this other world we have all landed in.
Featured below are three fellow PMS fams whose journies are intertwined with our #myheartonmyshirt campaign. Just as I was inspired by Victoria Feddersen’s year long wearing of the PhelanLucky shirt, Megan Toole&  Lisa Crowe are officially carrying on the PhelanLucky shirt wearing in Australia for the next year.
Whether our armor includes significant shirts, super cute nail designs (xo Amber Burris), forever tatoos, amazingly sweet leggings (xo Briana Vartanian) or meaningful bumper stickers just to name a few…we feel united in #solidarity as we face the many challenges Phelan McDermid poses for our lives but soooo very LUCKY for the unique beauty we have each been graced with.



#PhelanLucky #WorldofMae #ThisIsUs #ThisIsPMS#sisterhood #PhelanMcDermidSyndrome #fairystrong #RideTheWave#KapowGrashow #protector #LeanOnMe

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