Day Eight: Fairy Friends Forever

Written March 2017

Ada is 8 years old…so 8 years now in Fairyland. People in Fairyland “get it”…people in Fairyland have chosen to join us and continue to choose to take this foreign journey WITH us.  Many have chosen not to…it’s too foreign, uncomfortable, weird, strange.  People in Fairyland embrace weird, celebrate strange and realize that our diversities make us powerful and beautiful.

They “get it” by being super patient and thoughtful and go out of their way to ask about adaptations for Ada and what she prefers. These people are flexible and playful and creative. They are friends who have become family. They are family who have become advocates. They are therapists and aids who have become our rocks. They are our connection to normal they embrace and empower our differentness and CHOOSE to walk and sometimes crawl this path with us. They peal away pain and hold on to us with such respect and care. They don’t need timely responses and other societal ideas of the shoulds. Some are physically close and some a half a world away. Their hearts are open, sincere and strong. They understand true fragility and cry, sing, laugh, cuddle, and run WITH us. They are you who read my rambling…they are you who champion the vulnerable, they are you who see Ada in your own children, they are you who have a child with PMS as well, they are you who wear the tshirts and spread her wings, they are you who remind us how powerful and effective Ada’s fairylove language actually is!
Much love always and for-ev-er!!!

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