Day 6: Puff the Magic Dragon

One of Ada’s favorite songs! This was 2016’s musical May vintage tee…just click these words and you can enjoy this great Peter, Paul, and Mary tune . The meaningful lyrics describe loss of childhood innocence which is fascinating because PMS causes intellectual disabilities or ID (formerly referred to as mental retardation or MR) and Ada in many respects will never have the fantastical innocence of childhood taken away from her. We spent time mourning the loss of a parents typical wishes/hopes/dreams for their child but now for our first born fairy, we dive deep into how smart she is in ways that I’ve never known possible or experienced before. Sometimes the pain does hit me when I see kid her same age out of the blue. But to focus on what is not there is not accepting and honoring her gorgeous spirit. Just like this song, just like a comforting smell, Ada emotes an energy into this world that is universal, timeless and free of boundaries.

Our amazing friend Annie Avondolio is consistently wearing WOM gear out and about and sending us fun photos to remind us fairy friends are everywhere!

Next time u meet someone with an intellectual disability listen carefully to learn the abilities they have that you may not. Connect in out of the box ways and remember EVERYONE has abilities AND disabilities AND desires to be treated with #dignity.
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