Day 5: The original World of Mae design

world of mae original logo
The first visual interpretation of the concept of World of Mae, was created with a college friend, Heidi Kirsch. The fairy symbolizing Ada surrounded by nature and protected within a Celtic braid. It was a cathartic journey. Since then the design evolves with Ada and who she maybe at that time. We currently make the shirts with another old friend, Aaron Panczyk.   This creative process is such a poingint way to accept and embrace Ada’s ever-changing functionality while sharing and celebrating the strength and courage her and ALL her PMS brothers and sisters share;)

When we set out to do this year long adventure one of my biggest hiccups was actually taking and posting a photo of myself everyday! Yikes.
Let’s just say I’ve always been more comfortable behind the camera! But part of PMS is that it exposes you in ways that are so raw and vulnerable so the heck with it…this is yet another way in which Ada is teaching me to be transparent and open and genuine. Without words, interactions with Ada force you to be very present and mindful of each moment of simply sharing time and connecting as opposed to doing or gogogoing or making or the idea of success as competitive or based on achieving functionality. What constitutes a beautiful photo? What constitutes feeling proud of a kid who will never win a race or hit a home run? So it is what it is and we are who we are in all our glorious vulnerability! And it’s been incredible to reep the rewards of the insanely beautifully hearted friends this life attracts;)
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